100% Waterproof & Washable Mice

The medical mouse, because of its washability, has become recognized as an important and cost-effective tool for improving hand hygiene. Standard touch peripherals such as computer mouse are known to harbor harmful pathogens and contribute to cross contamination infections in hospitals. Those harmful pathogens can be eliminated with off-the-shelf hospital disinfectants. Seal Shield manufactures medical mouse which looks like standard mice and function like standard mice but has unique features which make them ideal for medical environments.

It has been over a year since I have received the mouse and keyboard from Seal Shield to test them. And even after using them EVERY SINGLE DAY, they have not failed me, even after they have been dropped from my desktop into the floor numerous times. I am astonished by the endurance of your products that I just had to make a second review. Indeed, I am convinced that your products are of top quality.
— Israel JaramilloNew Mexico State University